What We Do

MAX is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization that believes in “Art for All”. Our Board of Directors develop policy and run MAX according to our by-laws. Qualified instructors present quarterly classes in fine art, literary art and preforming art to adults and children. Our volunteer corps forms our sub-committees to carry the policies of the Board and helps with fundraising and outreach. We offer scholarships for those unable to pay for classes. Magnolia United Church of Christ (MUCC) allows us to use space for our gallery, meetings and classes.

A fee is paid for use of the facility by MAX. We are not affiliated with any religious group or philosophy.

I’ve been an advocate and arts lobbyist for many years. I have seen firsthand how access to a variety of art experiences for all ages brings quality of life to a community. The grassroots effort to start MAX has involved eclectic neighborhood talent, and that is what excites me to be involved. MAX offerings can touch the creative artist in each of us. I can see the day there is no need to leave Magnolia to experience quality art opportunities

Mary Langholz

Board Member (Retired), MAX

MAX gives me a place to connect with others around our shared passion of the arts – and through the arts bring community together through creativity, shared experience, collaboration.

Becky Robbins

Board Member, MAX

MAX will support and encourage our youth through mentorship and creative expression that may not be offered in their schools.

Nancy Gellos

Board Member, MAX