Instagram Workshop Photo.jpg


Thursday, June 20th 4:30pm to 6pm
Class size: 10 +

Designed for Adults (18+)


Instructor: Barbara Bernard

Knowing how to use and create on Instagram has become a valuable skill. Whether you own your own business, are a person who simply enjoys creative social sharing, or are a parent to a child who navigates an app you don’t know much about – you will find lots to take away from this class. If you’ve been putting off learning Instagram and your social media knowledge is stuck at entry level, here’s your opportunity to glean direct knowledge from a pro that can take your social media posts from basic blah to huzzah! Taught by Barbara Bernard, experienced professional artist / photographer and social media guru to many (including MAX), this 1.5-hour workshop will cover the following curriculum points and more – as time and curiosity permit.

  • Creating account and having personal login 

  • Instagram terminology

  • Navigating IG layout

  • Shooting direct through app

  • Shooting with native camera and uploading to IG

  • Sharing photos and editing for enhancement

  • Understanding effective use of tags

  • Videos, what’s effective and engaging

  • Exploring IG, reciprocity with likes and comments to build a strong community

Barbara Bernard holds BFA degrees in Photography/Film/Electronic Media, and in Art Education. As a high school teacher and arts instructor, she has built strong programs in photography and has received professional recognition every year since becoming a teacher. In 2002, she was awarded the Illinois Art Education Association’s Secondary Art Teacher of the Year award, the highest honor in the state for Art Education. Her work has been widely exhibited throughout Illinois and was recognized in 2001 and 2005 for through the Illinois Art Education Association’s Electronic Gallery. Relocating to Seattle has allowed her to concentrate on her art and become a mentor to others.

In my work, I search for something unique in the mundane, seeking out subjects that are naturally balanced, yet consistently overlooked. Simple things may influence me to compose a photograph: a wire that is misplaced along a deteriorated wall or a misshapen piece of metal in an unintended environment. Such interesting contrasts in texture and color often happen by chance. I am inspired by nature and people; their complexity and variety of shapes and forms never fail to amaze me. Foreign travel is also a source of inspiration and compels me to explore other cultures and environments. As an artist educator, I am inspired by passionate, productive, enthusiastic, and inquisitive people: my students.