The MAX Art Gallery is a destination gallery for artists and art lovers, a place of inspiration, joy and growth. Professionals and emerging artists working in various mediums, exhibit their work. Shows are hung for approximately six weeks.


Located in the Narthex, or entry hall, and Parlor of Magnolia United Church of Christ, the MAX Gallery hosts the work of local artists. With several community groups meeting each month at Magnolia UCC, the gallery receives many guests. The gallery is located one block west of Magnolia Village.


Sunday 9:00 – Noon

Monday – Thursday 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

Tours* by Request

TOURS:* Special group tours for youth and/or adults can be arranged by contacting

MAX Gallery Curator,


GALLERY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE in order to remain in compliance with Gov. Inslee's recent "shelter in place directive.


Arrange a tour


Bodies of work are accepted throughout the year by the MAX Gallery Committee to be juried for upcoming gallery shows. In the month of October the Gallery Committee will select the artists and dates for shows on the following calendar year. Interested artists are welcome to fill out the Artist Submission Proposal.


Groups of artists are also welcome to present group work for a group showing. In that case, one form is filled out explaining the function of the group and the art to be shown. Submissions are acknowledged upon receipt. Individuals and/or groups selected for showing will be contacted by the Art Gallery Curator.

Artist Submission Proposal