The Narthex Gallery is pleased to present, once again, the Magnolia Quilters Group exhibition of intricate and colorful quilts and artworks. The exhibition features imaginative and original fabric artworks that take inspiration from traditional and non-traditional sources and draw on varied needle and embroidery techniques. The exhibition begins November 5th and will run through December 27th.

The opening artist reception will be the same night of the Annual Magnolia Art Walk, Saturday, November 24, 4-7pm. Refreshments, wine and sparkling cider will be served. All are welcome! The quilters will be on hand to talk about their work and explain their quilting techniques.

Members of the group are: Phyllis Allen, Ruth Beckett, Nyle Bloss, Anne Foster, Barbara Franklin, Marilee Gibs, Naomi Himmelsbach, Joyce Keene, Sarah Martin, Karen Michaelsen, Esther Ross, and Paula Whitham. This group has met at Magnolia United Church of Christ for over 5 years and each year they provide sewn works of art for the public to enjoy. Their intricate and interesting works celebrate the groups supportive commitment to their craft. The 12 Magnolia quilters work all year to present this popular show. Many quilts will be for sale.

Group Quilt Exhibition_final.jpg




Opening NOVEMBER 5th
Closing DECEMBER 27th



Meet the artist's at the







The Seattle Women’s Art Collective’s group show,
Our Images...Our Words Vol. II,  will open August 21st.
These visual and literary artists work together to inspire and produce art. The opening reception, on August 25th, will be part of the Magnolia Art Walk beginning with a special reading, 3:15 - 3:45pm in the parlor of Magnolia United Church of Christ, where the Narthex Gallery is located. Monica Wooton will read her memoir (a sneak peek!) from
the new Magnolia book, Magnolia: Midcentury Memories 50’s & 60’s and her short stories. Antonia van den Beld
(Tony Isarankura) will read from her memoir - Shadows of War. Marva Semet will read, Next, also a memoir.
This unique show is the culmination of this group’s third year together. Besides the reading, the group will display artwork in several media: collage art, pen and pencil drawings, photography, unique sculptural pieces and fabric art.

Closing reception and reading by Monica Wooten.


JULY 9 – AUGUST 18th





JULY 9 — AUGUST  18, 2018

Through techniques that emphasize contact with the surface, John Anderson explores the first hand experience of visual perception, especially the threshold between seeing and recognizing. "In looking, we seek out the familiar and search for patterns. But before we recognize a thing, we are sometimes at a holding point, a place of mystery or ambiguity". Anderson attempts to reveal that place.

Using strong, tactile methods and mediums, like deep charcoals on heavily textured surfaces. "I let the surface media push back to constrain and even define the image. That first aspect of perception which is about discovery often involves touch.
When we are in dark or unknown territory, we have to feel our way. As with the context of time and place, perception is fundamentally rooted in the bodily nature of being present. I think the way this relates to the tension between abstract and representational expression makes for an interesting subject".





JULY 9 — AUGUST  18, 2018

Born and raised in Cork, Ireland. Donal Murphy studied graphic design at the Cork Institute of Technology. His first job was working in a fine art company that dealt in reproductions. In 2008 he moved to Canada where he worked for Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, a leading contemporary gallery in Vancouver, BC. For the past six years Murphy has worked at the Foster/White Gallery, Seattle.

Working in acrylic paint on photographs, Murphy utilizes a science fiction narrative which is concerned with environmental issues. "I am expanding on the idea that we read or interpret the weather and imagining that our environment not only possesses a consciousness but is able to communicate with us by mobilizing matter into temporary shapes. These shapes are characters in a new alphabet. This is not an alphabet of any language we already know and it presents us with the hypothetical challenge of learning the language of our environment".



APRIL 30 — JULY 1, 2018

Kristine Cooper currently resides in Bend, OR, however formerly lived in Seattle. She studied studio art at Seattle Pacific University, and has shown her work since 2016. Art and the process of creating have always been the heart and soul of Kristine. The sidewalks outside of her house growing up were filled with chalk drawings. She found art to be a healthy outlet at a young age to process daily life.


Abstract art became Kristine’s main art form beginning in 2015. This shift in artistic style was seen as a way to challenge her art process, and remove herself from the expectations of creating 'perfect' art. Her use of acrylic paints to create vibrant colors and expression acts as her visual diary. She is passionate about how colors interact with one another to evoke a feeling or emotion, and uses painting as a way of processing life. Artists that deeply influence her work include; Mark Rothko, Claire Desjardins and Kirsten Jackson. When Kristine is out of the studio you will find her hiking the endless trails in Central Oregon, visiting local thrift stores, and enjoying coffee in a cafe.



MARCH 5 — APRIL 29TH, 2018

Though making art has been an intrinsic part of Nancy Coleman’s life ever since she can remember, the decades she spent building her design firm in San Francisco taught her a great deal about how people see and understand line and color, and how to finesse composition. Mostly, she learned about concepts and expressing them visually.


Nowadays, Coleman creates fine art using a variety of mediums, including painting, encaustic (beeswax), mixed media and photography with digital editing. Nancy’s goal is to make people see things differently, and react viscerally and mentally with her works. Her constant striving for originality results in surprising effects such as her Painted Text Weavings and line work, and encaustic work that achieves unusual dimensionality.

Cursivity at the MAX (Magnolia Art Experience) Narthex Gallery in Seattle combines works that are constructed by line strokes and curves. The Painted Text Weavings are layers of cursive text meant to evoke a visceral right-brain reaction to writing content that generally sparks the left brain. The text works in this show were inspired by poetry and by feminist writing. Coleman’s water paintings use similar line shapes to replicate how movement in water feels to the artist as a long-time boater.

Coleman regularly exhibits at Gallery 110 in Pioneer Square, Seattle. In 2017 she had solo exhibits at Adobe’s Seattle Waterfront Gallery and at Women’s Funding Alliance downtown. For over four years, she volunteered at Harborview Medical Center, facilitating monthly art workshops for patients. Coleman has exhibited in numerous venues throughout Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey, Los Angeles and New York; has works in the city collections of Seattle, Palo Alto and City of Seatac, in Harborview Medical Center, and in private homes worldwide. Coleman was a partner in a fine art photography gallery in Half Moon Bay; served as a Palo Alto Art Commissioner and Chair; and was one of the founding photographers of a teaching studio in Silicon Valley. In late 2011, she moved with her husband to Seattle.




JANUARY 15 — MARCH 4, 2018

Tania Gonzalez Ortega is a Mexican born artist who grew up living most her life in Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California and now Washington state in a little mountain town called Twisp where she raises 2 boys and helps her husband run Sunny Pine Farm – the only organic goat dairy in the state. 

She is a 1997 valedictorian fine art graduate of UCLA, where she studied under world famous artists. She studied for a year at the University of Barcelona with emphasis on painting and contemporary art history.  Her awards and achievements are many. And, she has had several shows on the national and local level. Her past includes having studied and taught within the world of Waldorf Education, where the emphasis is including artful work in all subject matters, balancing the energies of the head, heart and hands, and cultivating the faculty of imagination is of upmost importance.

Tania’s painting involves working in a multitude of layers on raw canvas, juxtaposing gesture and washes of color against fine lined illustrative painting. Her palette is bright, bold and uses acrylic, colored pencil and spray paint throughout her layers. The subject matter of her paintings are a play in composition of natural forms such as trees, flowers, leaves and animal life, portraiture, and geometric forms and patterns. Her work is whimsical, imaginative, giving the viewer a break from the mundane.

Her online presence can be found at and She is available for private commissions and murals.

Opening Reception will be January15th, Monday, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, with light bites and beverages. The public is invited to attend and meet Tania and view/purchase her work.

Tania Gonzalez-Ortega will be the Gallery’s featured artist for the Magnolia Art Walk February 24th, Saturday, 4 – 7pm; and, will do a lecture on her art and art process at 4:30pm. Maps for the evening’s art walk will be distributed from the Gallery. There will be a special cheese tasting of Tania’s family farm organic goat cheeses from Sunny Pine Farm - a micro dairy business located in Twisp, Washington owned and operated by Tania and her husband, Carl Rapp.